Young people were most likely to report having sex less often and with less satisfaction.
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Lockdown affected people’s sex lives in a variety of different ways with young people reporting the greatest changes, 根据一项 新的研究,今日发表于 BMJ 性传播感染.

这项研究, led by University College 伦敦 (伦敦大学学院) and the University of Glasgow in collaboration with the 伦敦卫生学院 & 热带医学(足彩平局能赚)和国家社会研究中心, is the largest national study of sexual behaviours since the beginning of the pandemic.

The researchers used data from 6,654 people aged between 18 and 59 who took part in a Natsal-COVID网络面板调查,收集于2020年7月20日至8月10日. Participants were asked a series of questions about their sexual behaviour (including physical and virtual activities) during the first four months of lockdown.

这项研究是足彩平局能赚长期合作的一部分, 伦敦大学学院, 格拉斯哥大学和英国国家社会研究中心 Natsal项目, one of the largest scientific studies of sexual health and lifestyles in the world. The surveys have been carried out every 10 years since 1990 to reveal the changing sexual attitudes and behaviour of the British population.

教授凯斯美世, 来自伦敦大学学院全球健康研究所,是这篇论文的共同第一作者, 他说:“在第一次全国封锁期间, many people in Britain were unable to have intimate contact with anyone outside their household and we wanted to find out how this affected their sexual behaviour.

“What we found was a very varied picture depending on people’s circumstances at the start of lockdown: for some people, 他们的性生活得到了改善, 对一些人来说,它保持不变, 然而对许多人来说,情况变得更糟了. 尽管许多成年人, 特别是如果他们和伴侣住在一起, 性行为依然活跃,据报告变化不大, 给那些没有和别人住在一起的人, 对Covid-19的限制尤其有害.”

克莱尔博士Tanton, 足彩平局能赚助理教授, 她说:“大流行以许多不同的方式影响了足彩平局能赚所有人——身体上, 精神上, 在财务上. It is not surprising that sexual behaviour changes were experienced unequally across Britain, with younger people and those not cohabiting more likely to perceive negative changes in frequency and satisfaction as a result of COVID-19.

“This is early research and we don’t yet know the long-term effect these changes could have on people – their sexual behaviours, 心理健康, 关系和更多. We hope to further explore the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on sexual behaviour through the next Natsal survey, 足彩平局能赚什么时候才能收集到全国代表性的性行为数据, 健康和人际关系. This work is important both to understand longer-term consequences of the pandemic on this important aspect of people’s lives, 也包括医疗服务.”

完全, 63%的成年人报告称在封锁开始后与他人发生了身体性行为, 对于这些人来说, 四分之三(76%)的人说他们有同居关系. 当参与者被问及他们多久进行一次性活动, around half of all participants said there was no change in the number of times they had sex with a partner compared to the three months before lockdown.

然而, young people aged 18-24 years were more likely to report a change in their sexual frequency – around 60% reported this - and of these, 三分之二(66%)的人认为这是一种下降. A similar pattern for young people was seen in how they perceived changes in their sexual satisfaction. 

Soazig克利夫顿, Academic Director from 伦敦大学学院 Institute for Global Health and 英国国家社会研究 and joint co-first author, 她说:“尽管如此,还是有部分年轻人觉得他们的性生活得到了改善, young people were more likely to report having sex less often and being less satisfied with their sex lives than they had been before lockdown started.

“这至少是可能的, 在某种程度上, because young people are less likely to be living with partners and were unable to meet sexual partners when restrictions were in place. Time will tell whether these changes in sexual behaviour during the first lockdown translate into long-term shifts in behaviour, 或者是否存在人们弥补失去时间的“反弹”效应.”

Participants were also asked about whether they engaged in virtual sexual activities during the first lockdown. 53% reported a virtual sexual activity such as sexting or watching pornography compared to 84% who reported some form of physical sexual activity with a partner or by themselves. The proportion of people reporting virtual activities since lockdown was largely driven by watching pornography, 65%的男性和21%的女性这么认为.

米切尔教授的社会, 格拉斯哥大学的联合资深作者, said: “Physical touch is a fundamental human need and crucial in developing intimacy. Virtual ways of being sexual can feel less satisfying because they don’t allow that. We found the reduction in opportunity to give and receive intimate touch was not experienced equally across the population.”

The authors note a key strength of the study was that it was designed to be broadly representative of the British population but say there were some limitations including that it was a web-panel survey and so only included those with internet access. The lack of pre-pandemic baseline data limited the researchers’ ability to quantify change and so the data are based on people’s ability to remember activities.

They also note the observed shift in some people reporting more engagement in virtual activities has implications for sexual and reproductive health.

Prof Mercer added: “Whilst a lack of physical interaction with a partner may have a detrimental impact on sexual satisfaction and people’s well-being, it may also bring public health benefits such as a decline in the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.”

The Natsal Resource is supported by Wellcome with contributions from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The 伦敦大学学院 Coronavirus Rapid Response Fund and the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit also supported the Natsal Covid-19 survey.


C H美世. 的影响COVID-19 关于英国的性行为: 来自大型准代表性机构的发现 调查(Natsal-COVID). 英国医学杂志性传播感染. DOI: 10.1136 / sextrans - 2021 - 055210



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